"Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you." Jeremiah 29:12

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help cure my insomnia

Written to Jesus on May 7th, 2015
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Dear god ive been suffering for 2 years with insomnia, i cant fall asleep or astay asleep, ive went to the er couple times they did ct scans and mri the doctors say everything is normal. This chronic insomnia is affectng my overall life, my family, my job… I feel like im trapped in my own body with no way out. I call in your name almighty god heal me please.
Thank you

please help

Written to Allah on May 7th, 2015
6 have prayedpray for me

Dear Allah,
You know my situation best, I am suffering for such a long time now and with me my mother. She is not that fit to care for me but still she does wholeheartedly and cries when she thinks she,s alone. I beg you Lord of the universe, help me, my doctors prescribed medications which I feel don,t work. Please help me, make me good again, please don,t let my mother cry again over me. I am a sinner but you are Rehman, please shower your blessings upon us. Ameen

Stuck in two world

Written to Any god that will listen on May 7th, 2015
5 have prayedpray for me

Dear God,
I know I’ve sinned, and i know I’m far from perfect. The world may call me names and hate me, you have probably hate me and disowned me. But I am stuck and I need your help. I want to be free from being in love with the two men in my life. One who is my husband partner in life for past decade. He’s done so much for me but I’ve become so distant. We’ve had serious fights the past year but I reme one day being hurt by all our fights I’ve prayed to God to free me from him so that I can meet someone else and move on from this life I’ve built with him. At times I think to myself our love is stronger than anything that I should feel like giving up, but at times I feel like I love him but I’m not in love as I was before. The next thing you know God sent me someone else. You see in the past decade I’ve never prayed or ask to meet anyone ever….no matter how many cites we got into. Last year was the last straw I felt like I wanted to give up so I asked God to give me someone who is soft spoken, doesn’t need to have a lot, but just know how to love me right without always being aggravated so easily. My husband is easily aggravated because he works hard, he wants to be the provider so he always tries to do anything and everything to make our life more comfortable. This is where my guilt is killing me. He tries to rescue us from our debt by working so hard that he forgets to enjoy his wife. He doesn’t do anything fun anymore and actually he doesn’t even have the urge to touch me in the past year. He has a condition where he won’t crave for sex anymore. We are not even 40 yet, he doesn’t even kiss me or touch me, I love this man for his effort in taking care of me but he has no sexual desires for me. We’re comfortable as if we’re already 80, but I’m still full of fire. I still want him in so many ways but he doesn’t and wouldn’t. He keeps saying he will go see a doctor but it’s been almost a year and I told him who would put their wife thru this? The other man in my life, he is everything I want in a partner. He’s fun, he take care of my emotion, and he understands me when we fite. He desires for me and is waiting for me to make a decision because he wants a lifelong commitment. He loves me and wants to marry me, he’s not in it just for pleasure. I’m in love with this man but he doesn’t have a very promising career yet. One thing with him is that I can’t start a family yet because financially he’s not ready but mentally he is. I don’t even care about that because I just want to feel happy with al, aspects of my life. My husband wants kids and have everything ready but it’s been one year and we didn’t even try. I’m torn between my new lover and my old and I feel guilty and feel like karma will come back to me with what I did to my husband. At times I want to leave him for that so I can avoid karma and at times I feel mad and angry at him but guilty because he works so hard that he overlooks all this. I feel guilty enough to think he deserves better than me and that if I left it’d crush him for everything we gone thru together, at the same time I can picture him with someone else or going thru life alone and at the same time I get really depress to the point I can’t function or work when I’m not with my other love. When I do t see him or speak with him or try to distance myself from him, I’m completely a mess wo him too. Please God help me. What should I do? You sent me this man but a decade ago when I was alone and lost I asked u to send me someone special and you sent me my husband. You give me every time I ask, why did I meet this second man for? I never needed anyone else but now I feel like my heart is stuck in two world and I feel so helpless and lost. I’m not that young anymore and everyone’s heart at stake. Why did this happened to me. I’m not a cheater but now I am. I know I’m going to hell and I want to quit this so I can just be with one person. Please God help me, help free my soul. I’ve been so depressed for the past year even when I’m the luckiest girl to have two wonderful men who loves me.

I gave up on life

Written to God on May 7th, 2015
7 have prayedpray for me

I need my almighty God to hear my prayers, I m so lonely & heartbroken, I don’t have any hope in the future, right now I m just living because suicide is a sin and I dont want to go to hell, I m a beliver, Christian who prays everyday, for the past 2 years I lived a horrible life full of pain, crying, weeping every night, I m so lonely that I dont see the reason I m here on earth, I prayed to God , I fasted I did every possible thing for God to remove my pain& suffering, for him to bring my joy back, and for me to have the peace that I lost. .
Since 2013 the only time I feel better is when I m sleeping, which is too hard to get as I most of the time have to take sleeping tablets, but immediately after waking up my heart is full of pain, I want god to come get me from this filthyfilthy world which is filled with nothing but pain and misery, I asked God to restore my relationship with a wonderful man that I knew for 10 yrs now, but he is jst silent on me , infact he let pain come in my heart.

I m a medical student in my 4th year now but living a miserable life, no motivation,no love,nno peace,no happiness, my friends are all excited about their upcoming careers but for me I m hopeless because my heart is filled with pain, I m not even excited that in 2 years I will be a medical Doctor, I rather die and go rest in peace rather than having to live and witness the cause of my pain which is causing my everyday pain…..

after all the unanswered prayers I gave up my life and the thing that I want right now is to die, or atleast have my life back with no pain and misery….
God promises us that he will be with us, he will never leave us uncomforted, that if we search him with all our hearts we will find him, but where is he?

God I am at the end of my rope

Written to Any god that will listen on May 7th, 2015
4 have prayedpray for me

I am on %100 disability after a bad accident. I am over whelmed with my bills and have two sons who will not get jobs and help with the bills and have since moved back in.

I am forced to sell my belongings to make ends meet, I am forced to live under their rules even though they do not contribute. My wife works as a care giver, then comes home to take care of me. My wife will not do anything to make them get jobs. I would move then it would disrupt all my doctors, I would have to worry about my wife as well she des not think I care about her.

I do believe after my third son has finished school they will leave, leaving me with all the bills as they stack up.

dear God i love you

Written to Jesus on May 7th, 2015
3 have prayedpray for me

dear God i need your urgent help please Lord i love someone who i asked for help. please help him today. his name is Glenn. I need medical care long overdue one doctor who cares the way you do. i showed my granddaughter a home once and said I don’t know how God’s gonna do it but this is Meme’s home with a fence. and Mariah just said “yeh” I need my home the one you gave me to live in and my own house a place for me to really live and give my life to you, my all Lord. I need, we need you Jesus. My daughter Danielle Marie have been seperated too long. addiction emotional sickness recovery salvation and then all these obstacles when she needed me the most and i her because of love, but all these people came between us Lord, you, you alone know.and my precious baby Mariah, they took her out of my arms twice God. we are were so close. my heart what are they telling her how can i truly feel something that almost killed mr except for faith in you Lord Jesus. please let her Know she’s in my heart i just can not fight in front of her Danielle CAN”T WON”T Gos blessed both of us you can’t forget Jesus even if he speaks thru me your mom. you can’t walk that road again you mean too much to me your mama and to JESUS who is God’s Son CHRIST OUR LORD nthere is no other God. thanks Abba Father oh dearest Jesus, jesu kathymommamameme/ME Lord


Written to Allah on May 7th, 2015
3 have prayedpray for me

Deat Allah Mian,

Iam right now in a very desperate situation. I,ve been suffring from poor health for a while and it gets worse and worse. I really don.t know what to do, I have no insurance and no money. The doctors seemed to ignore me. I beg your help. Please bless me for you are the healer, the provider- please don,t make me suffer any more. and make me good again. Please.

God Help Wife

Written to God on May 7th, 2015
4 have prayedpray for me

God help my wife while she deals with her stomach pain. Help her to eat even though it hurts. Help her to find out what we can do to make this illness go away. Give her the strength to get through the week. Help me to help her, help me to be there for her and to do whatever I need to make her fell better and help her find a cure. Help to be understanding doctors if they don’t have an immediate diagnosis. Gold please help us, we need your mercy we need your help.