"Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you." Jeremiah 29:12

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better mother

Written to God on October 8th, 2013
147 have prayedpray for me

Dear God,

You know I need help in every area of my life. I know I turned my back on you after I lost my brother. Please forgive me. Those years without you ruined my life. I don’t want my children to suffer any longer for the mistakes I have made. If you must, take my life, spare my children and give them a life they deserve. I know I don’t deserve them. They are amazing and I am pathetic. I want so badly to make them happy. I feel like my oldest resents and hates me. I don’t know how to become closer to her or to help her understand that I meant no harm. I am but a lost soul trying to find my way while providing for them. Please help me for my children. I want nothing more than to be a good mother to them but I don’t know how. What do I do?? Please help before its too late.

Life hurts. Then you die. so what?

Written to God on August 30th, 2014
8 have prayedpray for me

so. What the F. why force children into existence to be despised and abandoned? I am the best argument for abortion that ever was. If you don’t really want a child, and desperately desire to call a new life into being, then DONT HAVE KIDS!! This planet has more than enough warm bodies. What it needs is love. We owe it to any children that are born to be called into being through desire and longing for their existence.

I was not born. I was spawned like a salmon and emotionally abandoned. My mom only wanted me because she didn’t want my dad to have something she did not have. My dad was only concerned with his feelings. My mom’s brother raped me because he said it was his responsibility to teach me since I didn’t have a dad. When I went to my mom for help she called me a liar and a whore. My uncles and aunts told me to never tell because their spouses might hurt the rapist.

I thought I had turned my life around and redeemed my sucky past until my spouse of 25 years found his first “love” on Facebook. He told her that he had never forgotten her it had always been her he loved. He broke up with her before he and I met. But after 25 years and 2 kids he wanted only her and wanted babies with her. His mom told him he “had to be happy” so when her granddaughter found out and wanted her :”grandma to straighten out her dad”. all I could say was, “good luck with that”

I can’t die because it would damage my kids, but why live? I can’t afford rent. I lost my home in the divorce. He says the paltry $700 a month spousal support is “taking all his money” yet he just got a $500 a month raise. My temp job will run out in less than a year, and I will have no home and no job. I am 57 and too old to be a good job prospect.

What is the f***ing point? Really! in this country it is a crime to be poor. So please tell me what is the point.

Why be born? Why live?

Live hurts and then you die.

krishna help me

Written to Krishna on August 30th, 2014
8 have prayedpray for me

Please help my parents and me.Guide us in taking right decision in every step we take.We are thankful for all you have given to us.I need your protection. Help me.


Written to God on August 30th, 2014
12 have prayedpray for me

I am so lost God. I got out of your perfect plan for my life. It frightened me when I heard your voice. Please forgive me for being this way. I know that I didn’t thank you enough for all you have done for me. I plead with you to forgive me, love me and protect me again.
I do love you Christ and cannot take this emptiness anymore. Will you please heal me again? I miss your joy so badly. I do not want to die, but who can live like this? Would you prayer warriors please pray for me? It has been 3 years since I have been well. Thank you

Dear God please help me and my family

Written to Jesus on August 30th, 2014
8 have prayedpray for me

Dear God please help me. You know how much I suffer. Please help me to get out of this situation. Please bring joy and health to my family.

Please help me to increase my height

Written to Any god that will listen on August 30th, 2014
4 have prayedpray for me

I am writing this letter because i was so tired of my routine .Moreover i need a girlfriend but i was not suppose to make it because of my short height not that much short its average .I only want god to listen for me for a while if he’s is out there and he is really listening do something for all those teenagers and young people who are supposed to become taller but not able to make it . When i sit alone i think of why god have not made every people with the same height so that everybody will be happy and satisfied there will be some opinion from gods side that he has given to people according to what they deserve its may be right everytime he gives a chance to do right things .i really love a girl who is in my office but i dont know whether she likes me or not what will be her reaction when i will propose to her .Every girl is suppose to be fascinated to those having a good height its a well known fact .i’m not writing this letter for publishing and so from this i only want god to hear me for a while beacause i prayed everyday to god about this but may be because of my sins i am not able to reach him . I will surely change myself if he will give me only one chance thats all i needed from him(god). if you can take my prayers upto him it will be a great pleasure for me . This letter is my only hope from god if he could hear me but after that i’m not supposed to believe in god .Sometimes i know that god has made human beings so that they can acheive whatever thay want but some impossible things how thay will acheive.Pease god help me

Help us Lord Jesus

Written to God on August 30th, 2014
5 have prayedpray for me

Dear God I come to you tonight asking for your help this request is for my whole family Lord we need you to come into our life tonight I thank you Lord for my family that you gave me my daughters are good people and I thank you for letting them grow up to be beautiful women and my youngest one for been a good mother to my grandchildren I just thank you for everything Lord my marriage failed after 22 years and I feel bad but I am trying to hold myself up I leave that in your hands Lord I just want to ask that you help my daughters I live with my baby girl and she need money to pay these bills and I pray that you will send her a money blessing she is a good person Lord and I cant help her like I want to so that’s why I come to you asking that you will hear her prayers and answers them Lord we need you so if you read this message I am asking you Lord God open the windows of heavens and pour out a nice financial blessings for her I don’t wont her to suffer or stress about how she going to keep her car or pay her bills we need help paying the rent ad others bills so God answer this plead of help let the money flow into our home like the rain you release from the sky .I have prayer that you would bless this family with a large sum of money from the banks of heavens one day and I believe that right now you have sent your angels out to help us this time and we will receive so I want to say thank you Lord Jesus for hearing and answering our plea to you thank you Jesus and we love you and we never stop believing in you even when things don’t go our way so tonight Lord speak to us and give us this request for our money problems to be a thing of the past only with your hands in it Lord will it work so I am leaving it up to you if I feel hurt in the morning I still love you and thank you Lord take my prayer to our Father and plea our cause to him thsnk you Lord Jesus and bless us amen

Lord I Cry Out

Written to God on August 30th, 2014
5 have prayedpray for me

Dear God
God I have been struggling through college for the last two years, whether its with grades, making new friends, or my pot addiction. Lord I pray that you will help me find responsible roommates to live with for this next semester that will better me in every way, both in my grades and bring me closer to you. Lord I want to have a since of feeling in life, I feel empty, and i want you to fill that void for me

i miss u in my life

Written to Krishna on August 30th, 2014
5 have prayedpray for me

I knw u r seeing me… and evaluating my deeds everymoment…. I am thankful to u fir wht ever u have given me till now. bless my mon dad… nd u knw what I wish. … keep them happy ……. and yes am really tired of being alone and used by others…. either u send someone to make my life complete or u only come na……… plz …….